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Masters in Psychology Graduate Program Current Students

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 duceyAvery Ducey received his bachelor’s degree from The University of Massachusetts in fall 2012. During his undergraduate career he was involved in research exploring whether video game play has any transferable skills to real world tasks involving rapid decision making. He has worked in a variety of other positions such as a teaching assistant in an abnormal psychology class, a decisional trainer in a prison, and a paraprofessional in a special education classroom. He looks forward to earning his master’s at Rutgers Camden.




Evelina Eyzerovich

Evelina Eyzerovich graduated with her bachelor’s in Psychology from Muhlenberg College in January 2012.  She received honors for her research on Thought-Action Fusion and Stigma of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, which she also presented at the annual Association for Psychological Science conference (Chicago, IL – 2012).  She is also one of the recipients of The Carol E. Hutchinson Memorial Prize for Research in Psychology (awarded at Muhlenberg in April 2012).  In addition to being a first-year student in the Master’s in Psychology program at Rutgers-Camden, Evelina is currently working as a Care Manager in Philadelphia, primarily providing supportive counseling and helping clients at area food pantries access public benefits such as food stamps (SNAP), medical, and utility assistance grants.  While Evelina’s previous research has focused largely on understanding the formation of stigma, her future research will eventually branch into the clinical realm, specifically addressing trauma resulting from an attack to one’s self-concept.



autumn nannassyAutumn Nanassy transferred from Camden County College to Rutgers Camden as a part of the STARS II scholarship program in fall 2012. She is a member of the honors college, the International Psychology Honors Society Psi Chi, and the National Honor Society Phi Theta Kappa. She is currently completing her bachelor’s and has already started on her master’s studies as a part of the dual degree program. Her main interests include personality psychology and how personality predicts behavior and life outcomes. Autumn works with Dr. Nave in his Personality, Behavior, and Health Psychology Laboratory and plans to continue doing so throughout the remainder of her time at Rutgers Camden. She is currently working on a study concentrating on Self-Presentation and Personality Judgment. Autumn looks forward to continuing her studies with the brilliant, enthusiastic faculty and students at Rutgers Camden.


odonnellAlexandra O’Donnell will be graduating as a dual-degree student from Rutgers-Camden with a bachelor’s in Psychology and minor in Sociology in May 2014. As an undergraduate, she was in Phi Theta Kappa National Honor’s Society and Psi Chi, the International Honors Society for Psychology. She has been working alongside Dr. Duffy in his lab since spring 2013, and began working with Dr. August in spring 2014. She is currently involved in Dr. August’s Diabetes Experiences Study along with numerous humor preference projects with Dr. Duffy. She is happy to have the pleasure of continuing to work directly under Dr. August for the duration of the master’s program and wants to continue focusing her research in health psychology, with main interests being how stress and social relationships effect an individual’s health behaviors. Allie is extremely excited to begin the master’s program here at Rutgers.



oingTheodore Oing graduated cum laude with a B.A. in psychology from Tusculum College in May 2014. Member of the national honors society Alpha Chi and the international psychology honors society Psi Chi. Completed the Ronald E. McNair Program in Summer 2013. Undergraduate research under the supervision of Dr. Brian Pope included topics such as the earworm phenomenon and the effects of ego depletion on video game performance. Research projects have been presented at the Southeastern Psychological Association (SEPA) Annual Conference in 2013 and 2014, and the ETSU Boland Symposium in 2014. I was employed by Tusculum College from 2012-2014 as a Psychology and English tutor, as well as a research mentor for Upward Bounds during my internship at the Ronald E. McNair Program. Current research interest is on the effects of emotion on choice-making and behavior.   


PereeiraJorge Carvalho Pereira received his bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Delaware in May 2015.  During his undergraduate career he was involved in the research of Dr. Carroll Izard’s, Human Emotions Lab, which studies the development of emotion knowledge, emotion regulation, and emotion competence. He also was a teaching assistant to Dr. Brian Ackerman, in his Developmental Psychology course.  Finally, he worked as a Research Assistant at a clinical research facility in Marlton, New Jersey, primarily collaborating with clinical study teams in the start up of a wide array of Early and Late Phase clinical trials, as well as performing neuropsychiatric rating scales. In addition to beginning his graduate studies in the Master’s in Psychology program at Rutgers-Camden, he also currently works as a Mental Health Associate at a Behavioral Health Center in New Jersey, where he participates as an interdisciplinary treatment team member and assist patients in managing activities of daily living, conduct therapeutic groups for patients, and maintain unit and patient safety.  He is eager to begin the graduate program and learning more as well as conduct research.


Graduate Bio PhotoDavid Sherrell graduated cum laude with a BS in Psychology from University of Phoenix in 2013.  Since 2009, he has traveled the world providing substance abuse prevention services to schools, including education, consultation, and data-driven community interventions.  His experiences as a consultant and educator fuel his passion for further study: David’s research interests include adolescent risk behaviors and the connections between school climate and student mental wellbeing.  In November 2015, he will have the honor of presenting recently completed research at the American Public Health Association Annual Meeting in Chicago.  David is honored and excited to join the Graduate Program in Psychology at Rutgers Camden; he looks forward to growing his research abilities and developing the other skills that will eventually make him a successful PhD candidate.



soreth Brianna Soreth graduated magna cum laude from Rutgers University Camden in December 2013. During her undergraduate studies she did research on cell phone use and divided attention in the classroom. She is excited to start the graduate program and looks forward to learning more about research as she obtains her master’s degree. She hopes to further her education with a Ph.D. in cognitive science after completion of the master’s program. Current interests include cognitive functioning such as learning, memory, and decision making.