Gaining experience in Psychology is a great way to make informed career choices and enhance job and graduate school applications.  The Psychology department offers several ways for you to learn through experience.

Independent Study in Psychology

  • Get credit for doing research in a faculty member’s lab! Independent study is a great opportunity for students to understand the research process from the ground up and experience first-hand what goes into the process of collecting data and writing a paper
  • This experience is particularly important for students considering applying to graduate school
  • For more information:

Applied Experience in Psychology Course

  • Get credit for volunteering in a community agency! By working in a community agency, school, hospital or other social service or psychology-related institution, you will gain first-hand experiences that will enhance your understanding of psychology
  • This experience is particularly important for students interested in careers in the helping professions
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  • If you are interested in an experience like this but we are not offering this course during the semester you want, contact the Career Center about taking their Internship class for general elective credit

ECL Courses

  • The Psychology department regularly offers Special Topics courses that involve Engaged Civic Learning
    • Previous offerings have included courses involving work with homeless youth, an agency supporting families at risk for child maltreatment, and a sexual violence bystander intervention program
  • Keep an eye on our course offerings each semester for current options