Fall Spring ACCC
  Day Eve Day Eve Fall Sp
Courses required for the Major:            
101: Intro to Psychology† x x x *
250: Statistics x * x x
255: Method and Theory† x x x * x  
380: Experimental Psychology Lab x   x x   x
381: Experimental Psychology x   x x   x
Courses required for other programs:            
135: Intro to Social Psychology† x     *
222: Human Development x         x
226: Psychology of Childhood† x      
301: Educational Psychology *   x  
326: Psychology of Adolescence†     x      
340: Abnormal Psychology x   x  
† usually offered in summer, x offered , * occasionally offered, – not offered


Statistics (830:250) and Method & Theory (830:255) are prerequisites for Experimental Psychology

Human Development and Intro to Social Psych (830:222, 830:135) are offered for students in the Nursing and Business Schools, respectively. They are not intended for Psychology majors. Psychology majors who take Human Development cannot count it as an elective for the major, but they can count it as a general elective. Similarly, psychology majors who take Intro to Social after Jan 1, 2012, cannot count it as a major elective, but they can count it as a general elective.