Alternative Careers

Bachelor’s Degree

You’ve probably heard the myth, “There isn’t much you can do with a Bachelor’s degree in psychology.”  Of course, you will not become a professional psychologist by obtaining an undergraduate degree, but there are still many career opportunities available.  According to an article published in Eye on Psi Chi, you should not view undergraduate education in psychology as learning to practice psychology, but as a means to learn about psychology (Aubrecht, 2001).  Holding a bachelor’s degree in psychology is desirable in many different industries, and may be one of the most versatile degrees, as far as career options are concerned.  The following are a list of possible jobs that you may be able to receive with your undergraduate degree in psychology (Landrum, 2001; Appleby, 1999; Aubrecht, 2001; Lloyd, 1997;
Occupational Outlook Handbook, 1998; Shepard, 1996).;

Mental Health/Social Services Business Other Industries

Academic advisor
Alcohol/drug abuse counselor
Behavior analyst
Career counselor
Career planning and placement counselor
Case management aide
Case worker
Child care worker
Child protection worker
Community outreach worker
Community support worker
Corrections officer
Counselor aide
Day care center supervisor
Director of volunteer services
Eligibility worker
Employment counselor
Family services worker
Gerontology aide
Group home coordinator
Housing/student life coordinator
Life skill counselor
Mental health technician
Mental retardation unit manager
Parole officer
Political campaign worker
Probation officer
Program manager
Public affairs coordinator
Public relations specialist
Publications researcher
Radio/TV research assistant
Rehabilitation advisor
Residential counselor
Residential youth counselor
Secondary school teacher
Social services assistant
Social services director
Social work assistant
Urban planning research assistant
Veterans advisor

Administrative assistant
Advertising agent
Advertising trainee
Affirmative action representative
Airline reservations clerk
Bank management
Claims specialist
Customer relations
Customer service representative
Employee counselor
Employee relations assistant
Energy researcher
Events coordinator
Financial researcher
Hotel management
Human relations director
Human resources recruiter
Insurance agent
Insurance claims/underwriter
Intelligence officer
Job analyst
Loan officer
Lobbying organizer
Management trainee
Marketing representative
Marketing researcher
Media buyer
Occupational analyst
Office manager
Personnel worker/administrator
Property management
Public information officer
Sales representative
Small business owner
Staff training and development
Store manager
Technical writer
Warehouse manager

Activities director
Assistant youth coordinator
Camp staff director
College admissions officer
Community organizer
Community recreation worker
Community relations officer
Congressional aide
Crime prevention coordinator
Director of alumni relations
Director of fundraising
Driving instructor
Educational coordinator
Fast food restaurant manager
Foster home parent
Film researcher/copywriter
Historical research assistant
Hospital patient service representative
Juvenile probation officer
Laboratory assistant
Law enforcement officer
Neighborhood outreach worker
Newspaper reporter
Nursing home administrator
Park and recreation director
Private tutor
Research assistant
Security officer
Statistical assistant
Statistical reports compiler
Store manager
Task force coordinator
Technical writer
Vocational rehabilitation counselor
Volunteer coordinator
Warehouse manager
Work activity program director
Youth minister

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Note:  It is important to consider that if you obtain your M.A. in any area of general psychology, you may need further certification to find work in a specific domain.  For example, in order to become a School Psychologist or an Alcohol Addictions counselor, you would need to find a program post-master’s degree to gain added experience and certifications that you are qualified for that position.