Dr. Andrew Abeyta’s Research Featured by American Psychological Association

By Amy Novotney Citation: Novotney, A. (2023, December 18). Feeling nostalgic this holiday season? It might help boost your mental health: Here are psychologists’ tips for using the past to boost our well-being in the new year and beyond. American Psychological Association.https://www.apa.org/topics/mental-health/nostalgia-boosts-well-being

Dr. Andrew Abeyta’s Research Featured in Psychology Today

By Arash Emamzadeh How Lonely People Can Make Their Lives Meaningful Citation: Emamzadeh, A. (2023, November 30). How lonely people can make their lives meaningful: Research shows nostalgia can restore life meaning for lonely individuals. Psychology Today. https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/finding-a-new-home/202305/how-lonely-people-can-make-their-life-meaningful

Boy in the Mirror: Dr. Markey’s Research Starts Crucial Conversations on Male Body Image

By Tom McLaughlin The statistics are tough to digest, said Rutgers University–Camden psychologist Charlotte Markey. Among mental health issues, eating disorders are the second deadliest, behind only opioid abuse. And, although much more public attention and research is given to issues around female body image, anywhere between a quarter and a third of eating-disorder patients… continue reading

Dr. Tamara Nelson and Dr. Daniel Lee discuss delivering crucial mental healthcare in “Breaking Down Mental Blocks: Delivering Crucial Care”

By Caroline Brobeil “Our beliefs shape how we view what it means to be in therapy,” said Dr. Tamara Nelson, director of the Resilience, Equity, and Community Health Research Program and assistant professor of psychology at Rutgers–Camden. Nelson has focused her career on exploring how contextual and cultural factors influence mental health and treatment-seeking behaviors among… continue reading

Three Psychology Faculty Receive Chancellor’s Grant for Interdisciplinary Collaboration and Vice Chancellor’s Fund for Research

The Office of the Chancellor sponsored a host of faculty awards this academic year as part of their “15 in 5” Strategic Initiatives. Department of Psychology recipients for Spring 2023 are: Kristin August BauerDepartment of Psychology & Department of Health SciencesCo-PI: Eveling Hondros, Department of World Languages & Cultures, Co-PI: Kathleen Jackson Department of Nursing, Co-PI: Ana Laguna, Department of World Languages… continue reading