Evelina Eyzerovich graduated with her bachelor’s in Psychology from Muhlenberg College in January 2012.  She received honors for her research on Thought-Action Fusion and Stigma of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, which she also presented at the annual Association for Psychological Science conference (Chicago, IL – 2012).  She is also one of the recipients of The Carol E. Hutchinson Memorial Prize for Research in Psychology (awarded at Muhlenberg in April 2012).  In addition to being a first-year student in the Master’s in Psychology program at Rutgers-Camden, Evelina is currently working as a Care Manager in Philadelphia, primarily providing supportive counseling and helping clients at area food pantries access public benefits such as food stamps (SNAP), medical, and utility assistance grants.  While Evelina’s previous research has focused largely on understanding the formation of stigma, her future research will eventually branch into the clinical realm, specifically addressing trauma resulting from an attack to one’s self-concept.